About the Instructor

Rustin Coones

Joram Greber began his martial arts training, in 1993, at the age of eleven in the Korean art of Taekwondo. A number of years later, he met an advanced Muay Thai practitioner and took up training with him. His love of the martial arts grew.

In Feburary of 2001, deciding that he wanted to find a style of Chinese kung fu, he found and began his training in Ip Man Wing Chun Kuen under Sifu Steve Cottrell at Authentic Kung Fu. He has trained with practitioners of different schools of thought on Wing Chun including Gu Lao Wing Chun under Sifu Stanley Jiu based out of Boston. He has been a certified instructor since 2005 and has attended several workshops to further his studies. These include martial meditation, dim mak (point fighting), further Wing Chun training, and weapons training. Several of the workshops were from the renowned Wing Chun Sifu Alan Lamb of the Koo Sang lineage. These workshops included training in Baat Jham Dao and advanced trapping hands. Joram has been trained in some of basics of Yang style Taijiquan. In 2010, he attended the Third Annual Martial Arts Training Camp in Beijing. This training consisted of training the fundamentals of Xing Yi Quan from Master Sun Ruxian of Beijing. The training was several weeks of nine hour long daily training sessions. The participants were trained in the Wuxing Lianhuan Quan (five element fist), Xing Yi Bashi Quan (eight directional fist), six of the twelve Xing Yi Quan animal forms, and Wuxing Lianhuan Qiang (long spear). He has also touched hands and sparred with multiple styles to refine his skills in Wing Chun.

Joram works in the Arlington area, as office manager of The Genetic and Developmental Center of the SW, and teaches Wing Chun in north Dallas.